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The most tangible thing about a writer, designer, or any other artist is that we are human and thus always in motion. I wake up, pull back from the brain chatter and grasp for reality. My mind & hands itch to get moving: meaningful tasks, creative writing, visual problem solving. These things move my mind & hands out of isolation. Toward people to work among, beside, between. To see you do your best, learn from mistakes & get a little closer to the image that started in your head. We get to see one another transformed by making things.

The work continues moving also; each piece communicates its part and drives us toward the next piece. Digging into each task, we each cultivate a rhythm to our work. With every project and assignment, my approach is to get down in the grit to think, speak, draw, write and design in order to solve problems. In this I have found that hard work is exceeded only by smart work, a craft that stems from thoughtfulness and tactile execution.

Working smart lets me adapt joyfully in every habitat from cyberspace to kitchen scraps to staging events. More and more, I love the direct approach and concise nature of online publication and social networking. My work consistently integrates critical and creative writing, painting, illustration, and digital photography. I couldn’t have known how motherhood would change everything. At once I can feel them in my belly, on my hip, at my feet & the unfinished projects melt into a puddle. Yet I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by artists with talent and grace. I have been amazed to see my own work, and my world, grow. At the end of the day, I find nourishment in urban gardening, Scandinavian folk art, children’s literature and sourcing medicinal herbs. I also take tea at the melting point of diamonds.

Thank you for taking the time to look and read here.

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