familial objects: mum's bedroom at the farm

When I visited Grammie's farm as a 7 year old, I thought the things that furnished her home were amazing simply because they belonged in the stories she told us. It was like living in a dollhouse, endlessly playing dress up & having tea parties with real china. Upon returning to the farm last autumn, 7 1/2 months pregnant, it occurred to me that Anthropologie would kill for some of these pieces! I begged mum to reclaim her bedroom set, all beautifully aged: twin spindle bed, 2 dressers, a desk & rocker. That room is just as she left it after high school, with the addition of her bridal portrait. And I must confess, if we could find a way to safely transport this set from New Hampshire I would treasure & house it in a bedroom for the daughter we don't have yet. This feels like envy, about the shade of the photos above.

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