This is how I feel after researching for a while to find an organic, food-based supplement with nutrients in their most natural state (preferably for less than $40/month per person). Juice Plus was an option for a while, but but since it's still summer & seasonal produce is easy to obtain (even organic is somewhat available), I've been juicing things myself in addition to eating coconut oil/cream & cod liver oil. I'm just not convinced that conventional vitamins do for our bodies what food-based nutritional supplements can offer, but we also can't afford stuff like Garden of Life.
But now I'm. so. excited. After talking with the in-laws, it seems there might be an affordable, whole-food-based supplement that we can sustain long-term! Standard Process makes a product (among some more specific options depending on your needs) called Catalyn that will function as a prenatal multi without being a "mega-dose" that the body can't use efficiently. After checking out their farming & manufacturing practices, research & product ingredient lists... yes please! I'm also looking into the Trace Mineral B12 for its iron content during future pregnancies.  They offer options that are vegetarian lacto-ovo, but generally speaking there are animal products listed as ingredients. I'll periodically update after we've been on them for a bit.


laursy lou said...

1. that episode of i love lucy is one of my favorites

2. i believe my chiropractor sells standard process and other whole food based supplements. let me know if you need me to get you more info.

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

sweet! i'd love to be able to send ppl somewhere local to order this stuff, email me the info will you? we're going to see our in-laws next weekend so could order through them this time.

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