travel with baby


For me, the travel process can sometimes suck the life out of vacation. Determined not to let it happen, I made some exceptions last week:
  • using disposable diapers for overnight (increasing the likelihood of sound sleep in a foreign room/bed)
  • stashing pouches of baby food for the car ride(s)
  • feeding 3 solid food meals each day
  • preparing more bottles than usual, a half-&-half mixture of organic formula & raw milk
  • letting Elijah nurse more often to cope with the chaos (every 3 hrs is exhausting, but a content babe is worth it)

Elijah seems most enthusiastic about the Sweet Potato Pumpkin Apple Blueberry one & the Spinach Peas & Pear one. I'm hoping to find the new Blueberry Pear Purple Carrot flavor to let him try it! If you find these locally, please let me know because ordering them online can get annoying/pricey.


ashley said...

Kroger on Hull St has a few kinds. Sunny likes the apricot and sweet potato

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

yes! just yesterday i saw it at the Carytown Kroger & someone told me they're at the VCU/downtown one as well. we should request more flavors at the stores in Richmond!

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