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images via Woodmouse & Helenainen via Bloesem Kids

Despite concerted efforts to the contrary, I heard my midwife utter the word, "Congratulations," last Thursday. Surprise baby is beautifully formed, & not the mere 6 weeks I estimated. A quick ultrasound indicated we're at 13 weeks already, & tiny face is sitting on his or her bum, moving quite contentedly! So yes our babes will be very close: 16 months apart since this one is coming in April it seems. It's a huge shock since this is a full year ahead of when we intended to "try," & I had no temperature shift that long ago. The timing feels even more impossible now than when we first saw those two red parallel lines on the pee stick. Evidently the nursing hormones suppressed the morning sickness hormones, as I've had nothing like the nausea during Elijah's first trimester. So here it is, my newest baby bump.


Christine said...

AMAZING. I am so so so happy for you nic and elijah!

Melanie said...

!!!!! Congratulations !!!!!

Kelly said...

This is great, if surprising new. I will be praying for you. We are always happy to be an emergency babysitter (or non-emergency for that matter) if you need us.

(this is Aunt Kelly BTW)

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