birthnight bread

We're pretty careful about what goes into Elijah's mouth, not obsessive just careful. Rather than a cake (he did recently try some applesauce cake, minus the frosting, & loved it) I decided to bake a couple loaves of sourdough to celebrate his being a year old. Aside from soaked grain porridge, he's been relatively gluten free so far, tending to spit carbs out as soon as they hit the tongue. Rice, pasta, potatoes, crackers, tortillas, etc have been rejected repeatedly. Philosophically, I'm delighted: protein, fruit & veg is exactly what I'd rather feed him. It's just inconvenient on a longer outing, at restaurants or when other kids trying to share snacks.

At any rate, he loves this whole wheat version of sourdough & exclaimed with enthusiasm as he carefully examined & ate each bite. He also loved caroling, despite the cold, recognizing the medley of God Rest Ye Three Kings, The Friendly Beasts & Gaudete from our weekly lessons. Success.

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