buckets everywhere


Three years ago I found maya*made & pined for burlap buckets (as well as her mum's barn). Having acquired both the coffee sacks & heavyweight neutral lining fabric, I attempted the project without a pattern. Massive fail. Then she posted patterns for sale on Etsy, & the mamas rejoiced. Finally, on Thursday I tackled the large size. And the small size. It.is.addictive. For chunky wooden toys & books, for a car stash, for a mobile diaper supply tote, for sewing bits, for everything.


laursy lou said...

yeah i saw these on that site and love them. do not know what is going on with my sewing machine. i need someone to look at it. yours look great though!

Beearedubbya said...

I love these! Where did you get the burlap? I want to make 100 of these puppies!

Thanks for sending the link!


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