pregnant brain

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It's a real affliction folks. We often find that while pregnant so much blood is focused on our uterus that our brain simply can't keep up anymore. Those who are accustomed to their intelligent, articulate, competent self (my husband encourages this is the real me) have moments of humiliating absent-mindedness. For instance, after years of protest, I recently caved & got an electric tea kettle. For safety reasons. On multiple occassions I turn the stovetop kettle on & return to find the wrong burner still going, no water boiled. Twice something was resting on the stovetop above the "wrong burner" & got hot enough to break... once a piece of stoneware, then a pyrex pie plate. Thankfully no one nearby was injured when the fiercely hot pyrex exploded into shards. But it terrified me; thus the electric tea kettle that turns itself off & eliminates the stove from boiling water.

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Mrs. Agaba said...

I do the same thing all the time, but not just with boiling water, with cooking anything. I fear how absent minded ill be when pregnant because I am fairly so even when not!

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