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Sometimes people, mostly mums, ask if it takes lots of time to make a cute blog. I think this one is pretty average, definitely low-maintenance, which is why it's staying fun & feasible to keep up. But full disclosure: this is fun because it's what I did before our first pregnancy (only then it was for money). My degree is in Creative Advertising, which means I took university level courses to hone skill sets like: photography, brand strategy, graphic & web design, copywriting, art education, creative writing, public relations, etc. These skills & interests are now applied to what used to be deigned "domestic arts" & occasional freelance client work.

Similarly, I make things for our house & cook complicated dishes because the process of making stuff is so fun. If it wasn't, I wouldn't do it often. Thankfully, while Nic appreciates & enjoys the results, there is no pressure from him to keep fresh-baked bread each week or handmake every solution to household clutter. These interests don't make me a better wife or mama; they were a part of 15-yr-old Megan before I stepped into any role other than daughter or student. [Maybe some administrative or accounting skills would make for a better wife; alas, we look elsewhere in this house.] I do these projects from a weird fascination with visual problem solving, with objects being simple-beautiful-useful, with "stuff" blessing us & not mastering us.

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