not quite a homebirth, but almost

So this is exciting, though not an option for me this go-around (no VBACS yet). There's finally a free-standing birth center opening in Richmond, in March 2011. I met one of the two Obs at the Franklin Goose event I photographed; above is Dr. Carpenter. She & Dr. Diaz are figuring out their midwife staff right now & are looking for patients! It's called Complete Care Birthing Center, & there is an open house next Saturday, February 19 from 12noon-3pm. 7109 Jahnke Rd, R, VA 23225 (located in the medical office building by Chippenham Hospital). Just in case any of you wanted to look into it; I know sometimes it's too much to prepare your house for a homebirth with all the littles running around.


Christina said...

the midwives don't do vbacs? :(

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

VBACs are supported by midwives in a hospital setting: those practicing at MCV, at St. Francis & Richmond's homebirth midwife assists VBACs at Chippenham I believe.

The birth center can't take VBAC patients yet; since they're just now opening it's too big of a liability to take on right away, which I definitely understand. So many birth centers are forced to shut down b/c of the cost of malpractice insurance & the risk of lawsuits! Also, this birth center doesn't have midwives yet.

Kelly said...

This is terrific news that I had not heard. I will spread the news to friends.

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