37 weeks

thanks, Nic, for sweetly documenting my jitters

I.am.huge. The shadow communicates how huge I feel. We took a true Sabbath on Sunday & everyone rested, my mum was even here to hang. mmmmmm, I.am.tired. Days when it's just the two of us at home I have to lay down whenever E's in the crib, & still by the time daddy gets home I'm exhausted. The things I made ahead of time & put in our freezer are getting eaten already cause it's hard to stand & cook now that baby is so low, & I'm swelling by the end of the day (need to put feet up). Twice last week (Monday night & Saturday night) my body was in textbook early labor for several hours & then subsided around 11pm so I just went to bed. Sort of disappointing/confusing... hopefully baby is moving down & getting in perfect position. Elijah was born at this stage of our first pregnancy, so that memory tricks my sense of "full-term." I'm just so over being pregnant, esp. since 17 out of the past 24 months have been in this state.

One thing that's really helped over the past month or so (besides weekly chiropractic visits) is increasing my cod liver oil intake & adding vitamin D3 at the time of day I already take Calcium... huge difference in mood! Today I snagged an herb called Skullcap to take before bed; it's safe for pregnancy & nursing as a remedy for restless sleep & anxiety. Baby bump is pretty active at night, so falling asleep is slow. Plus I did have postpartum anxiety last time & would like to nip it in the bud this time.

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