something old

Sometimes I have compulsive, very specific urges to make stuff. Friday was such a day, especially after seeing clearance tablecloths at World Market. Suddenly, all the pillows/cushions in the living room needed slipcovers. Then I really wanted the nursing pillow to match, using the pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's book (thanks, Chy!) The more I stared at the floral in this fabric, the more it felt I had seen/loved it before & began wanting it with me in labor & possibly at the hospital?

Then I remembered this photo from right after my brother was born. I loved those bedsheets, & we used to sneak into my parents bed to cuddle because they were so soft. Asking mum about it, she says they used to take the pillowcase with us if I needed to fall asleep somewhere other than home, that the pattern seemed to comfort me as a baby. That very early memory is perhaps why it had to be this fabric, at this time, on pillows. Strange but lovely, & I hope Elijah will show affection like this when surprise bump comes home. He cuddles with such delight & enthusiasm so far.

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Lovely post.

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