(almost) sun-dried tomatoes

This weekend, we went a little canning-crazy. Sauce, soup, jam, & low temp oven-dried tomatoes. This was my first attempt, in honor of Nic's affinity for pasta with olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes & feta. His fondness actually began before we were dating when I made meals haphazardly (with these ingredients) hoping to impress him but also in denial of that fact. These babies are now my fav, partly because when they're done you can turn the oven off & throw fresh basil on the same cookie sheet (tomatoes removed). In 7 minutes you have crinkly basil ready to sprinkle in herb butter, goat cheese or more soups/sauces in your tomato-canning-hoopla!

  • Roma tomatoes
  • Coconut or olive oil in a spray bottle
  • Sea Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • garlic, parsley & basil (dried)
  • Set oven to 200F & spritz cookie sheet(s) with oil.
  • Quarter or halve (depending on size) tomatoes, discard seeds & arrange skin-side down on cookie sheet(s). 
  • Sprinkle salt atop & set in oven to dry until they shrivel to your liking.
  • Fill half-pint jar with dried, cooled tomatoes. Add a dash of dried garlic, parsley & basil before covering with olive oil (leave an inch or so space below the lid). Use conventional pressure-canning method & clearly label before storing.
Note: Romas dry more easily on account of fewer seeds & a more uniform shape.

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