before & after: overdue for haircut

Hormone whiplash, if that's the official term, is upon us. Things that no one tells you about baby-havin'... or if someone does mention it you think, "oh that won't be me." For instance after months (17 of the past 24 for me) of having unusually great skin & hair, BAM POW ZAP! Hair falling out & being pulled out by little fists that can't find their way. (Not to mention that it's never been this dark before.) Professional help needed, & received: lots of fun layers, length maintained, bangs to disguise the growing-back-in phase. Thanks to Rene at Guys & Dolls, we hope to have fewer burst-into-tears moments at the bathroom sink.

1 comment:

laursy lou said...

It looks great my dear. You are so pretty you can rock any hair length/color.

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