hurricane party: the aftermath

Richmond is not a coastal region. But Saturday's storm uprooted the tallest tree on our block, falling on our neighbor's house. The sound echoed so loudly at 10pm that I ran upstairs where the boys slept without stirring. Thankfully she wasn't home to hear it crashing down on her. Little did I know, the tree & the fence are technically her property. Also thankfully for her (or her insurance company), it was removed today by some reasonably priced good ol' boys from Alabama who drove up to provide distaster relief in the form of tree removal. 

In the event that she decides to also have the other tall tree removed, I would like to plant a quick-growing willow. It would thrive on that very moist side of the yard, provide some shade after a couple years & serve as a beautiful natural toy as the boys get older. First an earthquake, then Irene; you'd think we lived in the South Pacific or something. If we did, I would want to build a house like this (if not Swiss Family Robinson style).

image via TheLetteredCottage

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