unplug myself

Brain paralyzation. That's what happens when (quite often) too many ideas are floating around with no plan to give them shape, too many projects are in a half-executed pile, too many library books are borrowed at once & due any day... Ideas of things to make instead of buying, of skills to teach & learn, of activities to strengthen & make flexible, of solutions to our chronically sleep-deprived state. It's truly paralyzing. There's so much to do, to improve, to innovate, that I want to sit still until it all happens by itself.

We attempted an unplugged Sunday of sorts, with moderate success. Sweetie has a smartphone, which complicates things as he's always on-call for work. In the future it will probably turn into screen-less Saturdays, since it's very tranquil to alternate sewing with reading (a book, not a nook). So I calmed whilst sewing little bandana-style bibs (out of Lotta Jansdotter's book) for our drooly babe, out of old t-shirts. We go through a couple each day.

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