as i grow into a grandmother


Another handmade gift, which I failed to photograph before digging in, was sent home in the arms of my brother as he returned from the rural farm of our NH grandparents over Thanksgiving. Grammie filled a peck-sized basket with her relish, jam, soup, sauce & salsa! After a prudent pruning, their fruit trees exploded this year & we are devouring yet savoring the harvest she sent. With any luck, we'll get to road trip up there this summer & let the boys run amok. (Yes, I predict Os will be running by then.) I hope, with more ease, to also visit Nana for a day trip or two. And as I think of them both, I aspire to be a bit of them both as I grow up with my boys. Willing to travel light in order to see more places & learn more languages; willing to camp out at home & learn to love a simpler, quiet life. Resourceful, adventurous, affectionate, funny, wise. A faithful friend, wife, mother, teacher, artist. That's who they are & who I would like to become.

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