take them or leave them?

image via What Katie Ate

Nic is a groomsman. Again. This makes ten separate engagements, not counting the times we've contributed musically to wedding ceremonies. But this time it's in NY, & we have to decide whether one or both boy(s) stay behind. It's a rare chance to get away together, interrupted though it will be. I'm (more than) a little freaked out to leave Os & rely on pumping for three days. Of equal concern is the possibility of bringing Os & letting Elijah stay back, since he asks for "beebee" every morning as it is. It is unreasonable to bring them both to a hotel with no toys or playmates & expect Mama to enjoy any of it. I'm stumped.


esull said...

let us play with E!!!! <3

Mrs. Agaba said...

i had just seen this image on what Katie Ate, and then I saw it on yours. NYC child free would be lovely for you I think

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