car camping

Three boys under 3 years old, four adults & two older children. At one camp site. For a weekend. Togetherness.

So fun. My voice is tired. My shoulders are fatigued. Constant giving of instruction, calling them back, holding for comfort, restraining for safety. Layers of toasted sugar on a stick.

We will go again, perhaps when Os is better at walking in shoes & when E is more prone to potty in the woods. Perhaps in the autumn. Someday they'll just freeplay for hours while I read & cook over a well-tended fire.


Sarah O said...

I wish I had taken a picture or two while there. Was fun. Will be more fun in a year or two when babies are boys and can skip naps.

thenewtobins said...

That's awesome. Maybe this fall Jon and I can come back and we can all go camping together. Congrats n surviving and not getting eaten by bears and skeeters :)

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