Retreat Weekend Sessions

Because interesting session content is what makes the Hunt.Gather. retreat worth hosting... here are the details from each instructor, in 50 words or fewer. April 19-20, 2013. Sign up HERE!
FRIDAY NIGHT (7-9.30p):

Megan_ClinchStories & Responsive Writing (Megan Clinch)
Whether you are writing for personal use, online publication or the stage, this session is meant to revitalize your daily process. We'll spend our time on brief prompts & free-writing exercises, looking at Bird by Bird (by Anne Lamott) & encouraging one another in the steady work it takes to craft a story worth reading. Bring a notebook & pens that work best for you.

Micaela_FolkesDrawing Figures & Faces (Micaela Folkes)
Through repetition (the oldest method of learning) & a variety of exercises, we develop hand-eye coordination & the visual ability to see/judge proportion. Our goals are to simplify what we see, to transmit what we see onto paper, to discover & solve drawing problems, to work with rhythm & movement, & to relate all points to the established center. Bring your sketchbook & favorite pencil.

Photo 101 (Taylor Saalfeld)
Capture the soul of a portrait. Discover the spirit of place. Refine your personal style. Hone your technical skills. Take your camera out of the box! Treat yourself to an experience where you are welcomed by others who are just as passionate. You deserve it!
Please bring your camera & a memory card.


Ashley_LewisKnitting (Ashley Lewis)
Sisters, mothers, daughters, lifelong knitters & novices, come together for demonstration & practice in continental style knitting. We will cast on, knit, purl, cable & cast off as well as examining a variety of fibers, patterns & symbols. Several gauges of needles will be available, but feel free to bring what you're used to using. Please bring your own yarn!

Sara_TyerPhoto workshop & critique (Sara Tyer)
Since my background is portraits & weddings, our focus will be getting the most lifelike images of the people we love. We will discuss lighting, composition, & what makes a photograph successful.  If you'd like feedback on your work, e-mail up to 3 photos to saratyerphoto@gmail.com to be included in the critique. The last hour is an outdoor photo shoot, so bring your camera!

Cooking from Scratch (Mignon Robinson)
The art of cooking from scratch seems to have been lost in recent years.  Speed & convenience in preparation have taken primacy over quality flavor in food.  We will focus on seasoning & finding balance in flavor by taking the time to cook from scratch. Food isn't just for nutrition, God gave us taste buds so it could be savored and enjoyed. Bring a good, sharp knife & cutting board.


The Art of Paleo Cooking (Erin Greene)
In an effort to improve our overall health & increase fitness, our family has decided to follow the paleolithic approach to nutrition. Our meals are made up primarily of meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts & very little sugar. We will focus on simplifying the cooking process while learning to exclude grains, dairy, legumes, sugars & processed oils. Bring a sharp knife & cutting board.

Jewelry 101 (Anna Tonn)
Learn basic techniques as well as finishing details to design & create vintage-style jewelry. We will be working with antiqued brass, bronze or copper wire as well as glass & metal beads, cabochons, charms, & ribbon. Bring a solid color flannel pillowcase or piece of fabric to work upon. If you have them, bring a set of needle-nose (or round-nosed), flat-nose and/or cutting pliers. (Limited sets of tools will be provided & available for purchase.)

Megan_ClinchWriting workshop & critique (Megan Clinch)
Wherever you are in the writing process, bring an original work to share aloud, hear constructive feedback & move forward. We'll each read a brief excerpt from our own work (that we wish to revise), make notes of first impressions & encourage one another in the steady work it takes to craft a story worth reading. Bring a notebook & pens that work best for you.

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