berry blur

The boys can find & inhale strawberries & mulberries before I realize they've spoiled their lunch & dinner. Thankfully, they still love egg breakfasts & freshly juiced greens as well. May was a blur & June is looking to be that way as well. Hopefully the camera & my brain will keep up.

I hope to just sit down for a business meeting tonight... Compare schedules, prioritize goals etc. We have a million things we want to do: social things, home & yard projects, music, cross-country trip plans... We need steps toward a plan of action together. We can not do it all, but I want to avoid getting frustrated later by setting a pace now. We've long known I prefer a slower pace, & he likes the whirlwind. I get overwhelmed just thinking about all the different directions we might be pulled in, & need help to enjoy or politely decline each thing as it comes.

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