Marriage feels under-celebrated around these parts. Divorces are subjects of copious gossip; weddings have become elaborate events where no expense is spared. But somehow parties to honor a couple's marriage, those are reserved for grandparents only? There could be a renewed place for celebration at the 5 or 10-year mark, like school reunions, where party-goers show appreciation & encouragement in the earlier years. Wouldn't that be amazing for our children to be a part of, while they still live in our home? If I could host such a party, the invite would be like so:

All this to say Happy Anniversary, sweet love! I'm delighted to be your wife, & I treasure each of our days together.


melissalynnshelly said...

Happy Anniversary, Megan and Nic! Is it 4 years?

Sarah O said...

Hmmm... With our 6th anniversary coming right up, this might be a fun thing to do!
I agree that the actual marriage is sometimes a little forgotten in the hubbub of the wedding.
And, personally, 6 years feels as important as 50!

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

yes, it's 4 yrs & it feels like victory that we're more in love now & have become even better friends since we met.

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