meal worth repeating: Edo's Squid

photo via NickDawson

After years of secretly wishing to be a food critic, this is the first restaurant review of many to come. For date night I took Nic to Edo's Squid; it was loud & delicious. We started with fried squid, which is served only with lemon slices & needs no aioli because the texture is crisped silk. Nothing rubbery about this kalamari, & we've tried it pretty much everywhere. Our main dishes were seared tuna with garlic spaghetti [above] & squid genovese, my personal fav. The tuna is sushi grade, so it's safe (& preferable) to eat with only the edges cooked: evenly peppered & seared in a soy sauce/butter reduction. My sweetie loves garlic, but he claims to have met his match with the pasta served on the side. The genovese is served in a large soup bowl because of the liquid consistency of the sauce, buttery perfection & generously accented with pine nuts & wilted greens. Texture is the key to this dish, & the squid really does seem to melt as you chew.

On a previous visit I enjoyed two veg dishes that were exceptional. Edo's eggplant pasta was like eating savory velvet over tomato based sauce. Their broccoletti is spicy, beautifully green & so covered with pine nuts that it's like foraging a forest floor as you eat. [Nursing mums beware: it's so good that you'll forget how gassy your little one gets after you eat broccoli.]

Oh, there are always leftovers! No matter how hungry you are, those generous portions allow for a decadent next-day lunch or snack.

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