salt rubbed, lavender-rosemary chicken

It's too bad that kitchen smells aren't transmittable by typing. Our kitchen smells amazing when this dish is in the oven. The crispy skin is a result of the following process:


  • 1 organic roasting chicken
  • half a vidalia onion, thinly sliced
  • half a sweet apple (granny smith is a bit tart), thinly sliced
  • palm full of kosher salt
  • palm full of rosemary
  • palm full of lavender (buds & all)


  • rinse & pat chicken dry, remove innards
  • generously rub salt all over; cover & fill with onion & apple slices
  • sprinkle rosemary & lavender to taste
  • bake uncovered at 350 until golden brown (30-45 min depending on the weight of the chicken)
When you've picked the chicken apart, don't discard anything! Throw all the pan drippings, bones, etc into a pot & start brewing some broth. I add 6-10 cups of water to all the chicken remnants & let it reduce on low until the color is rich & the steam is plentiful. If you're able, break the bones open & dig out the marrow... this is what makes homemade chicken soup a healing remedy. It's actually the lysine in chicken & nutrients so densely packed into the marrow that boosts your immune system!  If you don't intend to use the broth within 5 days, freeze portions in silicon muffin tins so you can thaw as needed.

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