wild edibles & herbal cleansing

I love foraging wild edibles near home. There's an amazing woman named Riana living in France who blogs & Flickrs about eating wild... she's a great resource for edible & medicinal herbs/flowers, but to give a fair heads-up she narrates in a rather "Mother Earth/Fertility goddess" way.

For those of us who love turning well-worn pages more than clicking through links, try thumbing through

For natural cleaners that are affordable, I make a lot of our supplies using basic ingredients like Castile soap, vinegar, borax, baking soda, etc. Make Your Place is a treasure trove of recipes for household cleaners, body care & gardening in a toxin-free way. The author has organized her narratives with cute illustrations, straight-forward directions & the book is small enough to keep in your bag for waiting-room-reading. For laundry, I've stopped making our own & have started using Charlie's soap, particularly for washing cloth diapers.

I'm also looking into a variety of whole foods based vitamins... what do you do for supplements?

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