Daddy time

There is a precious hour, maybe 45 minutes, of each weekday evening that I guard like a mountain lion pacing the entrance of her den. It is the time when calls go unanswered, tasks are left where they lay & even a much-needed shower is postponed.

When Elijah hears his daddy's voice or sees him coming over the threshold of our home, his face & very demeanor alter without fail. Whether his efforts were to reach Anna's elusive ears (our tiny terrier), to inhale homemade mash or to fuss & fidget... Daddy time mends all anxieties & supersedes all other interests. The blatant, enthusiastic joy in my boys' eyes for one another revives & redeems each day. Every struggle or cuddle or tearful exchange feels worthwhile once I get to bask in this hour with them. Our boy has a belly-laugh that only Nic can elicit, & Daddy has a spark in his eye that only Elijah can light. Their play brings me rest & energy, contentment & anticipation, joy beyond measurement. It's why waiting until now to have a baby was perfect timing.

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