stashing & napping

Over the weekend, for the first time in his short life, illness struck our little muffin. Around 11 o'clock Saturday night he woke up whimpering & was hot to the touch when I lifted him to change the diaper. After a brief panic, I realized this was a low grade fever & that no immediate action was necessary. Sunday he just wanted to cuddle, nurse & rest in his crib. Awake time was brief & unusually quiet for our enthusiastic, active boy. Naps were 1.5 hrs instead of 45 min, 4-a-day instead of 2 or 3. 

The stash outside his nursery door includes: thermometer & flashlight (for checking symptoms), zinc lozenges & elder berry extract (I take extra doses so he gets immune-boosting mama milk) as well as burp cloths. What seems to help the most is to massage a small amount of Vick's vapor rub by the lymph nodes, starting behind his ears & running down either side of his neck. This morning his fever is gone, & the punk was happily awake by 6am.

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Cynthia said...

Great Ideas Megan! Good Job taking care of Elijah! You might add pulling on his ears as he could be teething. Nicholas will know how!
Love, Grandma Cynthia

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