baby food

Every since 3.5 months, our boy has been very interested in food. Fascinated with stovetop cooking, utensils & chewing motions, Elijah made it very clear that all the milk mama could offer was no longer sufficient for his voracious appetite. Not content with commercial formula, I experimented with homemade baby foods: starting with banana, soft-boiled egg yolk, sweet potato puree soaked in whey & avocado. Vegetables are particularly easy to cook/puree in advance, freeze in cubes & defrost as needed in warm water. [Above are mushy peas mixed with sea salt & butter, a new addition.]

In order to aid digestion & for a flavor that makes me willing to eat his leftovers, I add one or more of the following to his mash:
  • sea salt
  • Amish butter
  • coconut cream or expeller-pressed oil
  • heavy cream from our raw milk
  • liquid whey from making cheese or kefir
Periodically I will post combinations that have become favorites, both for texture & flavor.

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