when you can't eat: juice

One unfortunate side-effect of illness is being unable to eat. You're laying there hungry but not really in the mood for food, or maybe not even keeping food down, & knowing that without fuel your body will heal slower & slower. I've been sick twice since Elijah was born, & both times I've worried that my milk supply would wane or dry up altogether. One very refreshing alternative to eating, that doesn't feed the virus with processed sugary sports drinks, is to juice. Sip it slowly, dilute if it's too thick to enjoy, & add ginger if you're feeling queasy! 

My current favorite is:

4 carrots
2 apples
2 inch slice of ginger root
10 oz. coconut water

Juicing is also a gentle way to detox, & there's an entry about making it a Juice Feast (not a fast) that really encouraged me recently. Bottoms up, folks.

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