crickets & cicadas

After years of being in denial about being a southern girl, I now embrace it all: bluegrass banjos, magnolia & cotton blossoms, corn cob pipes, wrap-around porches, sweet tea & the rest. So I'd like to show love for a publication that's come a long way: Garden & Gun magazine in Charleston. This year their first annual Made in the South” Awards will celebrate the best design from the South in food, home, style, sporting, and “etc.” They're accepting entries now through August 1, so if you're based in the South & think your products show off Southern craft, design & ingenuity, enter here.First round judging will be based solely on photos and entry forms, so style your product shots to wow at the first glance!

*Historically speaking, G&G lives in the more masculine end of the spectrum, so primrose pastry may not be their jam. The images here show work from previous winners. Good luck!

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