pack that protein: curry egg salad

It stays hot dang near through September, & the haze can take away my appetite for meat at times. Enter recipe for refreshing picnic food! It is very tasty as a lettuce wrap with avocado slices or as a sandwich with spinach & apple slices.

Curry Egg Salad, Serves 3-4
  • 5 fresh eggs
  • 1 part red curry paste
  • 2 parts spicy brown mustard
  • 3 parts mayo (I'm partial to Duke's) or plain yogurt
  • salt & pepper to taste
*note: For me, 1 part=1 Tbsp so the mixture is sticky without being dry. I say "part" b/c everyone likes theirs at a different texture.

  • Hard boil the eggs: put 5 eggs in a pot & cover with cold water by a 1/2-inch or so. Bring to a gentle boil. Turn off the heat, cover, & let sit for exactly 7 minutes.
  • Have a big bowl of ice water ready & when the eggs are cooked, transfer them to the ice bath for app. 3 minutes (to stop the cooking). Refrigerate eggs until 30 min before you intend to serve the egg salad.
  • When eggs are quite cool, blend the mayo/yogurt, curry powder and salt in a tiny bowl (I use a small whisk). Set aside.
  • Crack and peel each egg, and place in a medium mixing bowl. Briefyly mash cooled eggs with a potato masher & stir in spice mixture with a fork.
  • Serve chilled (no one like a stinky egg)

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