peek into: Elijah's nursery

Furnished with family heirlooms, thrifted/Craigslisted pieces & hand-crafted bits, Elijah's room is a calm, masculine nook for sleeping & cuddling. Colors include smokey grey, white, various wood tones, red & robin's egg blue. The dresser is the same upon which G-ma changed Nic's bum, & the vintage illustrations in the book of fairy tales (also from Clinch g-parents) are quite a treasure to me! There will soon be a separate post to show its magnificent contents, & I'll do my best to find an online source in case you swoon for it as I do. Window shades are tied on to function as roman shades, keeping it dim for naptime. Ninja print (accompanied by a matching maternity shirt) was a shower gift from my friend Chyrie, who sells screenprinted items via Etsy. Pods print by Wolfie & the Sneak. The origami pieces are bravery-notes written & folded as a shower activity; they hang by the (recovered) nursing glider to remind me in those early weeks that I am not alone.

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