frugal franny: Roman shades

After taking a look at this tutorial on making shades out of mini blinds (which were all over our house when we bought it), I decided to simplify. After sewing a panel the exact size of the window blind I fastened ribbon ties (starting at the top) 6 inches from the sides so they just tie onto the pulley system of the blind. The ties, made of twill tape, are every every 9 inches, & they allow you to leave the blind in tact rather than removing slats & gluing fabric. And yes that glass pendant lamp shade is killing me; I really want it to be this galvanized look, for a pleasant tension of the soft floral & a chunk of hayloft.

If your color palatte changes frequently or you're renting right now... if you're pregnant, in nesting phase & compulsively moving furniture about... if you want your kitchen shades to be thin like a pillowcase & let in more light... this tie-on method can help! It works well to darken our nursery for napping as well, using upholstery weight fabric.

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Debra said...

We made roman shades for the nursery but not I can tell they are not baby safe. Mayeb you can come y and make suggestions. Good excuse to see you two!

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