teething comforts

Some of you have seen Elijah banging around with this wooden shape & wearing a dark necklace, so let me explain their function (besides being so cute). In addition to offering him frozen treats when his little teeth are trying to poke through, we let our boy chew on wood; & the circles in this design make it an easy grab. We chose the skull shape from etsy seller EcoAyris, who offers many other designs in organic teethers & toys.

Also to avoid giving him Motrin at night (when he's most uncomfortable & fussy), I decided to experiment with a teething necklace after hearing about them during study abroad in Latvia a few years back. Success! Elijah is happier & requires no medicine for teething pain anymore. He wears the necklace all day (just not to bed at night), & he is attached to it the way other kids hold onto a blankie. 

A natural analgesic, raw (unpolished) Baltic Sea amber worn close to the skin acts as a natural anti-inflammatory & pain relief. These necklaces for wearing, not for chewing, as amber exhibits its pain relieving qualities when worn on the skin. Your body absorbs what it needs throughout the day, so the benefits extend into the night without having to leave it on when the babes are asleep & unsupervised. Please use caution & supervise your child while using the necklace! I chose a dark grey color from etsy seller AmberforSale (sometimes straightforward is best), & there are lots of color options from honey yellow to dark red to multicolored. Some beads are polished & rounded; we chose raw/rough cut to maximize the benefits & make sure he still looked like a boy wearing a necklace.

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