Don + Frankie


Next week we get to bring Elijah to the beach for the first time! We'll stay in the same space where my Nana & Papa brought us when we were little, in Nag's Head NC. In excitement, thankfulness & a bit of sadness (Pop passed when I was 7 & Nan can't venture that far anymore) I'd like to share some 120mm film slides my aunt scanned recently. My favs are above: the top two from before they were married (think WWII era) & the bottom two from their wedding. I was able to restore some of the color/contrast, & mum keeps pointing out facial expressions of mine that resemble Nana.


vibrantair said...

Whoa! That top photo of your Nan is amazing!! What a lovely lady!

Kelly said...

There are several pictures of Frankie that look just like you.

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