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Nerdy.mama.excitement. Maybe I'm just oblivious or perhaps I've fallen prey to the notion that browsing Carytown boutiques with an an infant is not welcome. But I stumbled into Franklin Goose (storefront opened Oct 1) & was delighted to find a spacious layout, well stocked & uncluttered shelves & well-informed staff that gave me space to shop. Until now I thought my only option for registering for surprise babe would be an online cloth diaper site. Au contraire! There is now a local source for both cloth options & biosoakers. (We're committed to GroVia already & will hopefully stock up for 2-kids-in-diapers phase.) They also stock other brands that I've only been able to find online before & thus have opted to go without: Rockin Green, Boon, etc... So I have indulged in a diapering nerdy-mama list, right here.

The upstairs is equipped with a space for classes & a nursing/changing room. Apparently a local chiropractor who specializes in prenatal adjustments (& is willing to gently adjust children) is coming to speak at the shop November 6th. This also makes me smile, & we hope to attend. Way to go, Richmond, for demanding natural, organic, eco-conscious products within the city limits & not in Short Pump!


sheri said...

Thank you so much for writing such a great article about our store! We are so happy to be in Richmond and in Carytown! Your photos are so beautiful! I would love to post a link to this on our blog if that would be okay with you!?
Hope to see you back in the store soon! When you do come in please say hi!

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

You're very welcome, & please feel free to link! I was sad not to see photos of the shop on Flickr already; we came by on Monday very briefly & then yesterday for the photos. I love sharing finds w/ my mum & in laws this way!

The Queen Of Free said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful blog post! It makes those of us that love Franklin Goose online, long to visit the store! Thank you for your sneak peak!

Night Owl Craftworks said...

The diaper sprayer is a hoot! What a great idea!!!

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