noel brunchy munchy


After the leisure of a full-on family cuddle (E rolls around to kiss mama, wrestle daddy, laugh at Anna puppy) & a small dose of gift opening, we ate the following around eleven o'clock Christmas morning. It.was.delicious.

  • grapefruit halves
  • cheese blintzes with blueberries & blackberries (everyone helps make crepes the night before after baby bedtime per Clinch tradition)
  • bacon, in rather generous portions
  • cinnamon buns, similar to Heidi's recipe 
  • coffee, tea & oj (or apple cider when it's on hand) 
After lunch we were dusted with snow, with more inches Sunday morning. E likes to talk to it as it falls: using a much softer voice than he usually employs, wearing a newly beloved vest knit by Grandma & wrapped in a blanket crocheted by Nic's grandmother before she passed.


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Martha said...

that is an AMAZING photograph of your boys!

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