showering thanks

image via OctaviaBrown

Children are a blessing, no matter when & how they come to us. Every day I look at that early "yes you're definitely pregnant" ultrasound photo (now in a tiny frame) & let myself get a little more excited to meet this child. But I still wish they'd waited a little longer, & I might feel that way for a while. Obviously the One who created my body is our family planner, & He insulated me from the first 2 months of potential worry while this bump grew undetected. But I'm full term at the end of March, which is very soon, & have a toddler babe who is strong & willful, thus far refusing to walk or do sign language consistently.

In other words, I'm really struggling through this pregnancy, and it's been particularly difficult to ask others to get excited. Thus, I'm very thankful to the beautiful people who made a shower happen for me on Sunday... particularly Greta & Taylor! Photos of the shower itself to follow.

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