telling myself

image credit to Lesley Weiner (isn't her hand-lettering presh?)

right now i am...
biting my nails 'cause February is blurring by too quickly
doubling recipes for curry pumpkin bisque & goat cheese-sage-butternut squash quiche to stash in the freezer (recipes to follow)
committing a deposit to the CSA we chose!
finishing our order to the bulk food coop
telling myself everything else can wait. There's a baby coming!
wishing I could sew a playmat/blanket for Elijah with roads, train tracks & spaces for building towers
figuring that some gentle yoga might be a better option, with the windows open


sheri said...

Which CSA did you decide on? I am still looking.

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

On account of surprise bump's due month being right at the beginning of growing season, we chose Victory Farms. I like that I can pick the smaller deposit & even if I miss the first couple pickups (depending on bump's arrival) we can still get our $$ worth in the part of the season that works for us. Plus we can get stuff as part of our family Sat brunchtime, key for having 2 so young to bring with.

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