So this week I've been devouring Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding, & Chapter 14 is totally fascinating. It's about shared nursing, wet nursing & the ability to spontaneously lactate despite not having been pregnant or nursing recently. We're talking grandmothers, babysitters (who've never conceived) & adoptive mothers being able to successfully nurse infants to satisfaction! It makes me wonder whether I know anyone who has experienced this? Nursing has becomes such a hidden/private thing where we live that women seem hesitant to discuss it openly. But I totally want to. Thoughts?


Kelly said...

I nursed my nephew when I was babysitting and his mother was late but I was already nursing my daughter. It seemed a little odd because, as you said, nobody talks about it. I do wish it were more normal.

Amber said...

i meant to talk to you about this last night. i would be willing to nurse another's child, but the situation has never presented itself. i have, a few times now, offered to pump extra for friends that weren't able to produce enough but it was never received. i would love to see this become more normal. gosh, i would just love to see breastfeeding be normal. (it is very common within the community i am in and i often forget how very strange breastfeeding is to so many people)

© 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

love it! keep em comin, ladies. I hope to be able to produce enough milk this time around that we have no need of supplementing for the first 6 mo. Last time I had only enough for his daily demand & absolutely no reserve in the fridge or freezer. So if I ever got sick or anything, there was a need for some kind of homemade formula b/c I didn't know anyone who had more than their baby needed (or was too scared to ask).

Ellie said...

I've heard about milk share websites for mom's to donate extra milk and a friend who adopted was able to give her son lot's of breast milk while she pumped and took lots of herbs to work up a decent supply. I almost never got more than an ounce per time but I was only pumping while baby was in the NICU for six weeks and by then she wouldn't nurse but I did give her donated milk from several friends

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