baby safety & bikes

I'm so delighted with these bike pulleys, it's ridiculous. They mount from joists in the ceiling & remove the danger of littles pulling bikes on top of themselves whilst investigating the forbidden hallway that leads to the forbidden-without-mama stairway.

On a related note, I'd like to show some love for Bunny Hop Bike Shop for:
  • telling husband his homemade handlebars were "a matter of life & death" & shouldn't be used
  • installing a brake on the new handlebars
  • selling him a helmet he actually wants to wear
  • being pleasant when super preg wife shows up with toddler
Another sign at Bunny Hop Bike Shop Richmond VA
image via GroupHomeBikes

We are exclusive patrons of Bunny Hop, & Nic will very emphatically/sarcastically list why other shops in the 804 no longer make the cut for us.

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