before & after: our dresser

Recently a friend  handed down a dresser to us, just before moving across country. It was perhaps butter cream yellow (front face in first photo). After scraping through three colors of paint & a dark stain (side shown in first photo) with various grains of sandpaper (60, 80, 120, 150), a coat of sunbleached stain & a coat of beeswax sealant make it as grainy grey as driftwood. Mission success! Now we're hunting down some marine rope to knot into drawer pulls.


Wes Edwards said...

Looks great guys! I have been doing some crafty knotting with nylon paracord and can recommend some great sites for knot projects if you need it.


© 2008-2011 Megan Clinch said...

paracord would be great, thanks!

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