healing salve, redux

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Toddlers + summer = exposed skin = boo boos. This topical salve is perfect for diaper rash, scrapes, cuts, burns, bites & stings to speed healing & prevent infection. More creamy than sleepy balm, the amount of tea tree oil makes it smell somewhat medicinal so avoid close contact with mucous membranes on sensitive little ones.

To address the symptom of itch & save a little cash, I've started infusing olive oil with three herbs at once: plantain leaf, calendula & comfrey. To do this, a crock pot comes in handy. To store the salve, I have switched from using half pint mason jars (not ideal for the changing table) to these squeeze tubes that are small enough to pack in a carry-on bag without confiscation & can suction cup to whatever surface allows it!

Infused Oil

  • .5 cups (app. 3 Tbsp each) dried herbs
  • 1.5 cups olive oil


  • Tie herbs loosely in cheesecloth (for ease squeezing oil from herbs at the end). Submerge cheesecloth in oil in a pint sized mason jar & secure lid. 
  • Place a washcloth at the bottom of the crock pot to ensure your oil jar doesn't break while heating. Lay oil jar on the cloth & fill crock pot halfway with tepid water. Put lid on crock, set to "low" for initial warming, but switch to "warm" for 2-3 days. 100 F in pretty much ideal.
  • Once the infusion is done, strain out plant matter by gently squeezing the cheesecloth until it stops dripping with oil & discard solids. Take infused oil & use immediately or store in with an airtight lid.

  • 1.5 cups infused oil
  • 6 tsp beeswax
  • 30 drops tea tree oil
  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 15 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • In small saucepan over low heat or in a double boiler, combine oil with wax & gently warm until wax has just melted. 
  • Remove from heat, allow to cool 5 min & add essential oils. Stir to blend.
  • Pour into storage container(s). Allow to cool 20 min, stir edges to keep wax from separating from oil while cooling, then cap containers.
  • No refrigeration required, but freshest when used within 6 months.
Smear as needed. If you leave it in a warm car, it may re-liquify.
Avoid mucous membranes. Not a lip balm; do not ingest. 

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