Handmade Fair RVA

Handmade Fair RVA

Perhaps I couldn’t have known how motherhood would change everything. At once I can feel those babies in my belly, on my hip, at my feet & the unfinished projects melt into a puddle. I wake up, pull back from the brain chatter and grasp for reality. My mind & hands itch to get moving: meaningful tasks, honorable work with measurable results. Making moves my mind & hands out of isolation. Toward people to work among, beside, between. To see you do your best, learn from mistakes & get a little closer to the image that started in your head. We get to see one another transformed by making things.

We make with our hands in search of the Maker. We swap skills, share raw materials, screw up, go on a hunch, risk failure. We learn by committed practice. Here we choose to hunt through Scripture & gather to make things from scratch. Together.

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