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In prep for next weekend's #HandmadeFairRVA, allow me to introduce my wares! Small batch, herbal body care after the traditions of domestic medicine, repurposing containers whenever possible. Low tech kitchen techniques ease the ache in my heart to take natural resources & make products that please the senses, nourish the body & serve everyday life. Secret ingredient: love.

All herbs & essential oils sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs, Native American Nutritionals, Bulk Herb Store (each USDA organic certified & sustainable harvest companies) or my kitchen garden (too small for the USDA to care that it's organic & sustainable.)

Healing Salve

Natural first-aid for all your skin's woes. Gentle enough for the newest baby bum; strong enough to calm a surprise wasp-sting; nourishing enough to help heal surgical scars.  Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-itch. Most effective when applied immediately to injured skin.

Made with cold pressed organic coconut & extra virgin olive oil, organic calendula blossoms, organic comfrey & plantain leaves, natural beeswax, organic tea tree oil, organic eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils. Smooth, nourishing, moisturizing, petroleum-free & friendly to all skin types. Cloth diaper friendly. Rave reviews when given as a new mama gift, at showers & as thank you gifts.

Zzzzzzz Herb Cream

Fragrant, natural remedy for the tossie-turnies. You (& your babies) may start sleeping through thunderstorms. Most effective when applied on the soles of the feet, temples & behind the ears (think lymph nodes.) Smooth as silk, nourishing, moisturizing, petroleum-free & friendly to all skin types.

Made with cold pressed organic coconut oil, organic lavender & chamomile buds, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, & lavender essential oil. Makes a great personal go-to solid perfume or works well as a gift.

Detox Dry Shampoo

Vegan, talc free, organic scalp revitalizer for the girl who likes to camp. Or between washes for anyone with bangs, great for use before styling. Removes excess oil & dirt at the roots via bentonite clay (draws toxins into itself, washes away in the next shower, you won’t feel a thing.) Dust a small amount on roots and scalp. Using fingers, massage in. Brush throughout, from roots to end, helping to disperse evenly. Style as usual.

Made with the perfect ratio of bentonite clay, organic brown rice flour, organic cocoa powder (brunette version), baking soda & your choice of essential oil.
Essential Oil Addition Choices;
+lavender      +rosemary
+peppermint  +eucalyptus
+bergamot     +cedarwood

 Herbal Probiotic Tea This vegan drink is fermented with kefir grains. Mild enough for toddler tummies & a great alternative to commercially carbonated beverages, with a low glycemic load & no caffeine. As a natural supplier of probiotics, this tea restores the healthy flora of your stomach & intestines. As a natural source of electrolytes, this tea is a supplemental source of vitamins B12, B1 & B6.  Made using distilled water, organic raw sugars & herbal teas. Fermented over 24-48 hrs. (Kefir consists of lactic acid bacteria & yeast that exist in a symbiotic relationship.) Herbal tea variations:
+lavender        +rosemary
+peppermint    +chamomile

PLEASE: If you have serious health issues, I urge you to consult your physician or health practitioner before adding this tea to your diet.

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