the basics: sun tea

  • Grab a large glass jar that is clean & has a lid that fits.
  • Fill it with water & 5-6 Luzianne tea bag (decaf for me) + 1 herbal or fruity tea bag
  • Leave the closed jar to rest on a window sill or on the porch.
  • Pull jar indoors when the color of the tea indicates your desired strength of flavor.
  • Sweeten to your liking (I sometimes brew dried stevia leaves with the tea).
  • Store in fridge & serve over ice. 
Note: After an usually dry summer, it's finally rainy today. Sun tea can work without direct sunlight; it just takes more time to darken.


    Taylor Winters said...

    Megs, the first time I was introduced to sun tea was when we were in Latvia. A woman in the building next to us was making it and it looked soo yummy! Enjoy your tea.

    © 2008-2010 Megan Clinch said...

    my mum used to make it all through the summer. i guess southern style tea is brewed hot & then iced.

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