boughs without bows


Last Sunday afternoon was spent eating leftover Edo's Squid & lebkuchen whilst decorating the massive tree I could find for Nic to cut down. The past two years we have gone to Whispering Pines Tree Farm, partly because it's on the way back from my parents' house (where we spend Thanksgiving) & partly because you cut any size tree for $45! Ours is a 10 or 11 foot Blue Ice Cedar whose branches sprawl & 4 or 5 feet around, quite a deal & quite a hassle. It.smells.amazing.

Tuesday evening (date night) we sat around eating more turkey pot pie & wiring wreaths/garlands with two other couples. So I'm basically staging my house for the ornaments swap; can't seem to stop flinging greenery to get that cedar smell into every room. Our front porch will be tonight's project, as well as displays for the ornaments before we all swap.

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