how my brain works

Following some of the suggestions in Birthing From Within, while carrying Elijah I did a lot of writing /sketching & some full-scale birth art that really helped me process the beyond-words aspects of pregnancy. This time I haven't had the luxurious amounts of time to devote to such endeavors, but one very therapeutic project has been designing a logo for our doula for the birth of with surprise bump (final verdict above). It's meant to illustrate that the child's (seed/root) growing process inspires new growth in the mother (stem/shoot). The pregnancy, labor & birth all energize her growth. Also, the continuous line represents the connection of the laboring woman to all who labored before her, with the line's shape rising & falling in waves with the contractions.

If anyone's on the hunt for the kind of nurturing care that a doula offers, you can find Amber on facebook. She's been a dear friend of mine since before I married Nic, & we feel so at ease with her supporting us in this very vulnerable transitional place!

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