tiny arms & impatience

image via flytrap

Sometimes the invented words with "preg-" at the start are offensive. Other times they are accurate. Right now, I believe "Pregasaurus Rex" applies to me:
  • can't get any project done, without laying down to stifle contractions
  • baby is suddenly so low that all pants leave marks on the lower belly pretty intensely, except this one pair of pj pants that look ridiculous when worn outside the home (they're kimono floral & silky)
  • driving is limited to 20 min stints no matter how upright the seat & despite a pillow behind the lower back (can't exactly sit on a yoga ball in the car)
  • i'm supposed to stay in this state for another month, or so they say
  • that might make me switch to "Pregzilla" instead

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Kelly said...

Oh do I remember that. Hang in there. It's worth it.

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