peaches & cream porridge mask

local peaches
image via Flickr (ours were seconds, not pretty but tasty)

It feels delicious on your skin, it tastes just as good if some "falls" into your mouth. Thoroughly enjoyable, & Elijah was very entertained trying to poke my face & taste what looked like food. And it is food!

  • .5 medium sized, ripe peach
  • .5 cup oat-almond scrub
  • 1 Tbsp (app.) distilled water (for oily skin), milk (for normal skin) or cream (for dry skin)

  • blend all ingredients & let thicken 1 min
  • if too runny, sprinkle extra dry scrub mixture
  • if too firm, splash extra cream
  • use immediately
  • Wash your face like normal or use just after shower/bath
  • Using your fingers, massage scrub onto face & throat.
  • Relax 20 min (snack on any unused mixture)
  • Rinse & moisturize as usual

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